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HQ Remodeling Chicago, Great Porch Construction Chicago with Professional Porch Builders Chicago

Screened in porch

About Our Porch Contractors Chicago

Finding the best porch construction company in Chicago can be a challenging feat, but not if you have HQ Remodeling Chicago to make you beautiful and affordable porches in Chicago. We value excellence, innovation, and consistency in all the projects we do so we can help spruce up your interiors while matching your personality and style within an affordable budget. 

Our porch builders in Chicago can deliver whichever type of porch you want. HQ Remodeling Chicago provides screened-in porches, enclosed porches, and back porches for your choosing. We even offer custom porches in Chicago to suit your unique taste while ensuring a strong and durable porch that you can enjoy for the years to come.

We believe that collaborating with our clients can result in brilliant output. We take the time to assess what you need based on your personal style, as well as the structure of your home before proceeding with porch construction in Chicago. 

With HQ Remodeling Chicago, you would surely benefit from the years of experience our porch contractors have earned in the industry. In return, we are able to apply all this knowledge and experience to turn your porch dream design into reality.

Why Choose Our HQ Porch Builders Chicago?

Experienced Porch Contractors Chicago

Our porch contractors in Chicago take pride in years of experience to bring you the best porches you have ever seen, either for your home, restaurant, or business establishment.

Affordable Prices

Part of an excellent porch design is its affordability. Whether it is an enclosed porch or a back porch, we apply reasonable prices to make it a piece of memorable furniture for you.

High-Quality Materials

We owe our excellent porch construction in Chicago to the high-quality materials we use to ensure a durable and strong porch for your house.

Friendly Customer Service

We are committed to bringing you a memorable experience on top of high-quality porch construction in Chicago. Our staff are trained to give you friendly customer care for your comfort and satisfaction.

Expert Consultation

Feel free to consult our expert porch contractors in Chicago anytime to make a solid design before starting the construction. We also provide a list of our products and services for your reference.

Trusted Porch Builders Chicago

Leave it to our professional porch builders in Chicago to deliver the design you have always wanted. Our top-notch services are backed up with our years of experience in the industry.

  • After weeks of looking for the right porch builders in Chicago, I was glad to find HQ Remodeling Chicago. Their contractors clearly understood what I wanted for my porch and even presented excellent ideas to further improve the design.

    Timothy Hansen
  • I have high regards to HQ Remodeling Chicago when it comes to their services. They did a great job with my screened-in porch. It improved the aesthetics of my house, plus it fit my style well.

    Joe Nichols
  • I recommend HQ Remodeling Chicago for their beautiful porch construction in Chicago. They offered great solutions to make my back porch even more stunning. Chicagoland owners should try out their services.

    Marshall Looney
  • HQ Remodeling Chicago’s porch builders provide both great service and impressive craftsmanship to deliver their client’s needs. I’m glad when I had my enclosed porch in Chicago made by them.

    Catherine Souza
  • I love the custom porch they did for my house. They captured my style well, considered all my preferences, and provided useful solutions to make the design even better. Kudos to the porch contractors of HQ Remodeling Chicago!

    Seth Lawrence
Panorama frame Front porch of modern home

Advantages of HQ Porch Builders Chicago

Finding the best porch builders company in Chicago can be a real challenge. At our company, we make things easy by hiring the brightest and most hardworking porch contractors from Chicago. 

We invest in high-quality tools and equipment and spend our spare time improving our craft, so we can serve our clients best. Our team can do wonders for your home, adding just the right screened-in porch, back porch, or perhaps an enclosed porch. Now you can host casual picnics anytime at the comfort of your home. At our company, we do not just do things right, we do them with excellence and fine taste. Trust us to draft the best layout for your porch in Chicago. For professional, durable, and quality porch construction in the Chicago area, choose us. We can start with the project as soon as possible. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

How to Hire the Experts at HQ Porch Builders Chicago

Bringing in the professionals at HQ Porch Builders Chicago to give you the porch you want for your home could not be easier. We make it that way to help you right from the start.

Step 1: Call Us to Send a Quote

The first thing you need to start your porch construction in Chicago is a nicely detailed quote. Simply contact our professionals at HQ Porch Builders Chicago to provide you with the quote you need to set a budget and create the outline of a plan that will give your porch idea some life.

Step 2: Accept Our Quote

Once you are happy with the quote, all you have to do is accept it. Our porch contractors in Chicago can review the details with you to ensure that you are getting exactly the kind of porch you want with all the fine details that can make it perfect for your home.

Step 3: Choose the Right Solutions for Your Porch

Not every porch construction is the same. You may want a screened porch, a back porch, or an enclosed porch in Chicago. That’s why we are here to help make your porch work the way you want it to by choosing precisely the features and detail you want to see on your new porch.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Dream Porch

When our porch builders in Chicago are finished creating the porch you have been looking for, we’ll make sure that you’re happy with it. Then it’s time for you to relax and enjoy as you can spend your time watching the seasons change year after year from your new porch construction.

All About Custom Porches Chicago

Covered porch and front door of beautiful new home

Do you have a specific style for your porches in Chicago? No need to look further because our porch contractors are here to ensure that you will get the porch of your dreams. We provide screened in porch and enclosed porch services that you may need in your home. Our contractors are also here to give any suggestions in order for your porch to look beautiful and match your home.

We only use the highest quality of materials so that your porch will last for years. We will turn your ideas into reality, making sure that the first thing people see in your home is beautiful and luxurious. Don’t hesitate to give us a call today! We’ll be here for you!



Below are frequently asked questions from our clients about Chicago Porch Violations and their porches Chicago. If you have other questions, contact us!

The city of Chicago has online resources to help homeowners understand if their porches are safe, but it is always recommended to trust a professional porch contractor to inspect it for you. HQ Remodeling Chicago provides professional inspection from expert porch builders Chicago clients can trust with their safety. 

You should stay off your porch as much as possible and call the experts at HQ Remodeling Chicago to help repair damages. If you don’t own the home, note down all problems and ask your landlord to give us a call. We are here to provide safe porches Chicago residents can count on. 

Building inspectors are looking for all kinds of things, but when it comes to porches, there is a checklist. The inspector will examine the posts, beams, columns, stairs, hand and guard rails, ledger boards, connections, and footings – all to make sure that your porch or deck can support 100 pounds per square foot. Our porch builders Chicago are experts in making sure your porch is ready to pass any inspection.

Call us today at HQ Remodeling Chicago for the porch contractors Chicago residents can call to keep their porches safe and up to code according to city regulations!