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About HQ Bathroom Contractors Evanston & Bathroom Remodeling Evanston

luxury bathroom remodel with black marble floor and white marble wall

HQ Bathroom Remodel Companies Evanston

We know that bathroom remodeling can be tricky. It requires particular skills to pull off someone’s vision and ensure that the outcome is beautiful. It requires style, innovation, and heart. That’s why it’s important to hire expert and professional remodeling contractors in Evanston. HQ Remodeling will provide you with the bathroom you have always dreamt of and turn your ideas into reality. We strive to go beyond our customer’s expectations in every project that we do.

Our bathroom remodeling contractors in Evanston have been providing outstanding services for years, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Bathroom renovations mean looking into the smallest details to make your visions come true. At HQ, Remodeling can deliver any visions that you may have. All you need to do is let us know what you want and need. We will make it happen for you.

We are one of the top remodeling companies in the Evanston area. We don’t just stop from bathroom remodeling. We also provide kitchen renovations and basement remodeling. Whatever home remodeling service that you need, we will be here for you.


Experienced Remodeling Contractors

Our years of experience have helped our bathroom remodeling contractors in Evanston to have the latest knowledge and skills to deliver the design of your dreams!

Affordable Prices

We are one of the remodeling companies in Evanston that provides the highest quality of work, efficiency at an affordable price that wouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet. We will ensure that your budget is well considered when it comes to your remodeling needs.

High Quality Materials

We only use top-notch materials for your bathroom remodeling in Evanston to make sure that your bathroom will not only look beautiful but will last for years. We aim to provide you with the best possible result every time!

  • These remodeling contractors in Evanston were able to provide the bathroom I've always wanted for years! The outcome was beautiful and luxurious! The bathroom remodeling went very smoothly, and the price was affordable.

    Katie Rodriguez
  • We are delighted with the way our bathroom renovation in Evanston turned out. Our guest bathroom looks good as new, and the remodeling contractors were very friendly throughout the entire process!

    Vincent Boss
  • These remodeling contractors in Evanston did a great job with my bathroom remodeling. The outcome was more than I expected at a very affordable price. Thank you so much for the wonderful service, guys!

    Martin Pearl

HQ Bathroom Remodeling Evanston - Advantages Over Competition


At our bathroom remodeling company in Evanston, you can ensure that we only provide our customers’ best service. We take pride in the craftsmanship that we offer and always strive to exceed what our customers expect. Take a look at our reviews and see our customers’ satisfaction with the bath remodel services that we provide.

The number advantage that we have from other remodeling companies is we pay attention to details and add personalization to every remodeling that we do. When you choose us, you won’t regret it. What are you waiting for? Give us a call today!

Importance of Choosing a Good Bathroom Remodeling Contractor Evanston 

Bathroom remodeling is a significant investment. Everything about your bathroom needs to be handled by professionals. The contractor you hire should have enough experience, skills, licensing, insurance, and qualifications to ensure that every detail and specification you want for your remodeling is met with efficiency. A good remodeling contractor will guide you and get the job done accurately using top-notch materials, high-quality equipment, and craftsmanship.  HQ Bathroom Remodeling Evanston is familiar with the best bathroom remodeling practices that deliver excellent results and bring your project’s function and style requirements. When you work with us, your bathroom remodel will be completed in less time with minimal disruption. Our bathroom remodeling contractors ensure that your project will be done in accordance with our high standards. We have earned a favorable reputation within Evanston and our neighboring cities, and you can rest assured that your job is done right the first time. Give us a call today. 

Frequently Asked Questions About High-Quality Bathroom Remodeling Evanston

The answer is, it depends. All projects have their own set of variables, so without understanding the details of your particular bathroom remodel in Evanston, it’s tough to say how long we need. We need to know the size of the space, the details of the work, and the materials needed. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston can give you a complete schedule.
You will only require a permit if your bathroom remodel Evanston includes changes to your structure or the floor plan. This may be essential for some kitchen and bathroom remodels, and some other renovations. But you will not have to deal with permits because our remodeling contractors in Evanston will secure the necessary documents.
As we work on your renovation, you can always speak to our remodeling contractor in Evanston. We can offer you regular updates and answer any of your questions. And, we will guide you through the remodeling to ensure you are getting the finished look you want.
The remodeling schedule we provide will highlight some important dates on which we need you to make some decisions, like appliances and finishes. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Evanston are ready to help you make the right choices.

Are you all set to get going with your bathroom remodel Evanston? You don’t need any other remodeling companies in Evanston. Call High Quality Bathroom Remodeling Chicago and we will take care of making the new design in your home a beautiful one.