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Bathroom remodeling can be tricky. It requires a certain set of skills to pull off someone’s vision and make sure you produce high quality design at all times. It requires style, innovation, and heart. At HQ Remodeling, we possess exactly all of those. We aim to make every client happy by working with them every step of the way so we can take their personal style and blend it with our design expertise to come up with the perfect bathroom remodel for you.

Our remodeling contractors Wilmette have years of expertise in the industry, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Bathroom remodeling near Wilmette means looking into even the smallest details to make your vision happen, and this is something HQ Remodeling can deliver. Whether it is a luxury bathroom renovation for a hotel or a small bathroom remodel for your house, you can rely on our services and expertise.

On top of bathroom remodel near me in Wilmette, IL, our expert contractors extend their services to kitchen renovations and basement remodeling. Whichever type of home renovation you need, HQ Remodeling is at your service.


Experienced Remodeling Contractors

With vast expertise in the field, our bathroom remodeling contractors near Wilmette surely know how to deliver the design of your dreams.


Affordable Prices

We are your best choice among the remodeling companies in Wilmette. We offer high quality remodeling at affordable prices for your peace of mind. We prove at HQ Remodeling that great design does not have to be costly.

High Quality Materials

Our expert remodeling contractors near Wilmette only use the best materials to produce high quality and sustainable design for your space’s improvement, whether for home or business use.


  • It took me a while to look into remodeling companies in Wilmette. But when I found out about HQ Remodeling, I had no doubts about their services. They did a wonderful job in my kitchen and were extra patient with my needs.

    Barbara B. Lyons
  • I always go to HQ Remodeling when I need sprucing up in my space. They did not only do a great job on my small bathroom remodel but also showed great customer service.

    Richard C. Andrews
  • HQ Remodeling offered sustainable solutions for my bathroom remodel in Wilmette. They were precise and efficient. Best of all, their services came at affordable prices.

    Suzanne Henderson


Our Advantages Over Other Bathroom Remodeling Wilmette Companies

new stylish bathroom remodeling wilmette

Our remodeling contractors near Wilmette are known to provide the best bathroom remodeling services. We are proud to say that the services that we offer are more than what our customers expected. You can check our reviews and see the satisfaction of our customers with the bathroom remodel service that we provide.

Our main advantage in the remodeling companies in Wilmette is we have a knack of paying attention to details as well as adding personalization in the work that we do. Our company’s goal is to go beyond what our customers expect. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions About High-Quality Bathroom Remodeling Wilmette

It depends. Each project offers new variables, and without knowing the details of your bathroom remodel Wilmette, it is hard to determine how long it will take. We must take into account the size of the space, the type of work needed, and the materials used. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Wilmette will provide you with a complete schedule.
You will only need a permit if your bathroom remodel in Wilmette includes structural changes or floor plan adjustments. This may be necessary for some kitchen and bathroom remodel projects, and some others as well. But you will not have to worry about permits since our remodeling contractors Wilmette will secure any permits needed.
While your project is underway, you can always speak to the lead remodeling contractor in Wilmette. We can provide regular updates and answer your questions. And, we will go through the completed parts of the project with you to make sure they turn out the way you like.
Your remodeling schedule will include certain important dates that will require you to make a few decisions, like choosing appliances for the kitchen or finishes in the bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling contractors Wilmette are here to help you make those choices.
Are you ready to get going on your bathroom remodel Wilmette? Call High Quality Bathroom Remodeling Wilmette to incorporate all your requests into a beautiful new design for your home.


Step 1. Ask for a Quote

Contact us to discuss your ideas for your residential or commercial property. Whether you desire a bathroom remodel, basement finishing or basement remodeling Wilmette, we will be happy to provide a quote for you to consider. Give us a call or send an email!

Step 2. Accept Our Quote

If you are happy with the quote for your home remodel Wilmette, basement renovation or bathroom remodel, we can then begin to discuss how best to proceed with your project.

Step 3. Determine Details with Us

This is a crucial step where we get to understand your needs. Whether you are upgrading your home through a full home renovation, or a basement remodel, we are ready to communicate directly with you to understand how we can make your dreams come true.

Step 4. Enjoy The Results

It is our dream for you to be happy with our creations. Our expert contractors in Wilmette have the experience to bring your ideas to life, and will not rest until you are satisfied. Give us a call for direct consultation with our team of bathroom remodeling contractors in Wilmette.