Recommendations For Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel!

Recommendations For Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodel!

If you have kids, you desire the bathroom to be safe and effortless for them without giving up the style. Our home remodeling Chicago designers have composed a myriad of ideas to help you achieve a children-friendly, styled bathroom that is oriented to modern trends but still safe for your kids as they become teenagers.

Storage with adaptable height

To avoid kids from reaching off-limit areas and help them access where it’s safe for them in your bathroom, you can use storage that has different heights. Better said, you can use the lower areas to put towels, cotton balls, and toilet paper, and the highest shelves to place hazardous things like razors, cleaning supplies, or medicines.

Use a step stool

You can purchase a stool, get a built-in or build one by yourself, whatever you choose this is a children-friendly vanity approach that makes things more accessible for them and at the same time can be effortlessly clean. 

Get something resistant

Selecting durable, effortless clean accessories and materials is the best children-friendly approach for a bathroom. When dealing with kids, is common that things usually get dirty and broken.

Children-friendly ideas to consider

  1. Hooks installation: Rather than having a towel bar. When dealing with small kids, hooks in walls are easier to use, which results that these towels being less plausible to fall on the floor. 
  2. Select a larger sink: Contrary to a double sink, if you have kids that are starting to learn to brush their teeth or wash their hands, a bigger sink will prevent water from failing over the counter.
  3. Installing wall tiles: You can also install wainscoting, to make the bathroom remodel more children-friendly and at the same time make it more durable. 
  4. Pick a toilet with a side lever: The vast majority of kids can’t reach the upper part of the toilet tank. So remodeling contractors Chicago recommend using a lever at one side instead of the top, to prevent kids from climbing the toilet to flush it.